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    Mythical shoes from the golden era of the Italian Basketball. The model Mi Basket was developed ad-hoc in 1984 in ocassion of the sponsorship of one of the best teams in Europe, the Tracer de Milano. Top players such as Dino Meneghin or Bob McAdoo among others dominated the European courts using these ones... 

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    Imagine the Everest becoming a human being, even better, imagine it running against you wiyth an angry expression in his face, and with something round and orange in his hands. That's what all those guys who played against Shaq coluld feel when facing him, scary isn't it? 

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    I don't know if you're one of these guys who like to wear your old sneakers on which it seems that a train has passed over them? I know, it's really difficult and meritorious to get to that point...or not! The fellas from Diadora have saved us this lazy time until that happens, ain't that hype??? 

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